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I am an evidential psychic medium offering practical intuitive guidance for all of life's challenges, and accurate, validating messages from loved ones in the Afterlife.


Who Am I

Psychic Medium Priscilla Keresey

Priscilla Keresey is recognized throughout the country as one of the most accurate, compassionate, and sought-after psychic mediums. In addition to bringing the physical and spiritual worlds together for individuals and groups, Priscilla coordinates local psychic fairs, appears on radio and television programs, and acts as guest minister and medium for local Spiritualist churches

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Books And Other Products

Priscilla is the author of It Will All Make Sense When You're Dead and Nobody Gets Out Of This Alive. She also wrote the popular Live & Learn Guides (TM) series, and is the author and producer of the Live & Learn Guides (TM) self-hypnosis audio files. Her latest book, Fix Your Screwed Up Life, explores how recovering inherent self-esteem is the first step in solving all our problems

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Experience Spirit Communication

Priscilla travels extensively throughout the U.S. offering gallery-style Spirit Communication events. These upbeat, joyful, and entertaining gatherings are opportunities to witness evidential mediumship and receive specific messages from loved ones in the Afterlife. Part of Priscilla's mission is to demystify mediumship and encourage people to believe that their own experiences with deceased loved ones are genuine.

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